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Title:An Act of Self-Defense
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An Act of Self-Defense by Erne Lewis

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC An Act of Self-Defense It is ten years into the future and the nation s government is nearing financial and moral collapse A small group the TLR believes deadly force is necessary to save individual liberty from the two party political aristocracy that is Congress They believe the imminent economic collapse will be an excuse for the dictatorial powers soon to be claimed by the federal government They accuse Congress of having increased your powers far beyond their constitutional limits You have systematically destroyed our natural right to own ourselves and make our own choices You have become an aristocracy that steals our production and controls us as if we are your serfs They announce to the nation Ours is the only form of revolution now possible but it has this advantage If lives must be taken only ours or those that have stolen our lives will be required to forfeit theirs They give Congress three days to approve their proposed Term Limits Amendment to the Constitution one that prevents professional politicians from serving in Congress or unless they first resign the long term incumbents will be term limited in the only way they leave us The Department of Justice targets term limits supporters and libertarians in its hunt for the terrorist group But when the first senator is term limited in spite of all that federal authorities can do to stop it it is clear the terrorists will not be easily found They are inside the federal law enforcement agencies that are hunting them .

This novel examines an issue If our liberties our right to own ourselves and make our own choices are diminishing with every year how do we ever regain them Is deadly force justified even in self defense