The Norton Anthology of Poetry

The Norton Anthology of Poetry Description:

The fourth edition of this standard work contains poems by poets with poems and poets newly included The anthology offers more poetry by women new poets with special attention to early women poets The book also includes a greater diversity of American poetry with double the number of poems by African American Hispanic native American and Asian American poets There are new poets representing the Commonwealth literature tradition now included are more than poets from Australia New Zealand Ireland Scotland Wales the Caribbean South Africa and India

Rating: 3.42 out of 5

The Norton Anthology of Poetry, Shorter Fifth Edition

The Norton Anthology of Poetry, Shorter Fifth Edition Description:

The Fifth Edition retains the flexibility and breadth of selection that has defined this classic anthology while improved and expanded editorial apparatus make it an even more useful teaching tool

Rating: 3.51 out of 5

The Sign of the Ram

The Sign of the Ram Description:

Sherida Binyon soon learns that her opinion of the wild Cornish coast to which she has come applies to more than the scenery br br For at Bastions the strange old house in which she works and lives she finds another sort of cruelty a menacing human kind that delights in power and would kill to keep it br br Sherida knows she is in deadly peril Many hostile persons live at Bastions but she realizes her life depends on escaping the sinister schemes of one born under br br THE SIGN OF THE RAM

Rating: 3.61 out of 5

Feminism and Postmodernism

Feminism and Postmodernism Description:

This collection of essays explores the significant agreements and tensions between contemporary feminist and postmodern theories and practices Having brought enormous changes to conceptions of the body identity and the media postmodernity compels the rethinking of many feminist categories including female experience the self and the notion that the personal is political Feminist analysis has been equally important though not always equally acknowledged as a force within postmodernism Feminist writings on subjectivity master narratives and the socioeconomic underpinnings of the master narrative of theory itself have been particularly influential This volume traces the crossings and mutual interrogations of these two traditions into the arenas of cultural production legal discourse and philosophical thought br Multidisciplinary and international in their collective focus the essays range from a study of Madonna as an Italian American woman who is revising the cultural meanings of an ethnic feminism to a unique interview with Mairead Keane the national head of the Women s Department of the Irish political party Sinn Fein Turning the prism of postmodern feminism onto such diverse cultural objects as literary and literary critical texts contemporary film and music these essays intervene in debates regarding technology sexuality and politics Challenging modern feminisms to articulate their inescapable relation to postmodern society this expanded edition of a special issue of i boundary i also explores ways in which feminism can work as the cutting edge of a global postmodernism i Contributors i Salwa Bakr Claire Detels Margaret Ferguson Carla Freccero Marjorie Garber Barbara Harlow Laura E Lyons Anne McClintock Toril Moi Linda Nicholson Mary Poovey Andrew Ross David Simpson Kathyrn Bond Stockton Jennifer Wicke

Rating: 3.73 out of 5

Love Against All Odds: Inspirational Stories of Enduring Love

Love Against All Odds: Inspirational Stories of Enduring Love Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.50 out of 5


Hellstown Description:

Hellstown a touching and at times brutal story of one woman s struggle for happiness br br Mary Flint is trapped in a loveless marriage Her only solace is to relive the past the past she shared with her beloved father and first love Luke But a sudden tragedy presents her with a second chance and the opportunity for hope But will it be powerful enough to enable Mary and her three young sons to escape the tyranny of Jacob Flint

Rating: 3.52 out of 5

Dido's Daughters: Literacy, Gender, and Empire in Early Modern England and France

Dido's Daughters: Literacy, Gender, and Empire in Early Modern England and France Description:

Winner of the Book Award from the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women and the aRoland H Bainton Prize for Literature from the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference br Our common definition of literacy is the ability to read and write in one language But as Margaret Ferguson reveals in Dido s Daughters this description is inadequate because it fails to help us understand heated conflicts over literacy during the emergence of print culture The fifteenth through seventeenth centuries she shows were a contentious era of transition from Latin and other clerical modes of literacy toward more vernacular forms of speech and writing br Fegurson s aim in this long awaited work is twofold to show that what counted as more valuable among these competing literacies had much to do with notions of gender and to demonstrate how debates about female literacy were critical to the emergence of imperial nations Looking at writers whom she dubs the figurative daughters of the mythological figure DidoOCobuilder of an empire that threatened to rival RomeOCoFerguson traces debates about literacy and empire in the works of Marguerite de Navarre Christine de Pizan Elizabeth Cary and Aphra Behn as well as male writers such as Shakespeare Rabelais and Wyatt The result is a study that sheds new light on the crucial roles that gender and women played in the modernization of England and France

Rating: 3.32 out of 5

Feminism in Time

Feminism in Time Description:

The essays in this special issue of i Modern Language Quarterly i reflect intensively on feminism during various periods and build conceptual bridges linking early modern female writers such as Marguerite de Navarre and Mary Wollstonecraft with theorists poets and fiction writers of the postmodern era i Contributors i Jonathan Culler Joan DeJean Rachel Blau DuPlessis Carla Freccero Angela Leighton Laura Mandell Jeffrey Masten Robyn Wiegman

Rating: 3.41 out of 5

The Executive Branch Of State Government: People, Process, And Politics (About State Government)

The Executive Branch Of State Government: People, Process, And Politics (About State Government) Description:

One of three titles in ABC CLIO s About State Government set this work offers comprehensive coverage of contemporary American politics at the state level It explores the critical roles played by the governorship and state level bureaucracies both in managing the state s business and as a component of the overall national system of government br br Written by some of the nation s foremost authorities on state politics The Executive Branch of State Government chronicles the evolution of the state level executive apparatus from colonial times to the present emphasizing its current importance on the local and national political stage Chapters examine the structure and function of the governorship and state agencies the people who serve as governor and in those agencies and the multitude of forces that impact their work A separate chapter examines the particular characteristics of executive branches state by state

Rating: 3.45 out of 5

The Intruder

The Intruder Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.32 out of 5