A Phone Call to the Future: New and Selected Poems

A Phone Call to the Future: New and Selected Poems Description:

Superb new poems from one of the major poets of her generation along with a selection of the best from Mary Jo Salter s previous award winning collections br br In Mary Jo Salter s poetry we have a unique blend of domestic drama and the grittier wider world In the title poem she reimagines the technological simplicities and humanistic verities of the past with a brilliantly disorienting detachment Here are poems imbued with the violence of modern life a mother slapping her child on the subway a child losing everything in the Iraq war and others that bring a witty luminosity to peacocks in the park to shoe shine thrones at the airport and to poetry itself A tender elegy for the poet Anthony Hecht is followed by poems about the Baroque sculptor Bernini and the German Expressionist painter August Macke which add to Salter s already impressive list of poems about image making Although in many of the poems Salter looks back wistfully at what is lost she also sets her sights on the future Lord surprise me with even more to miss she writes in Wake up Call br br Among the selected older poems are the much anthologized Welcome to Hiroshima and Boulevard du Montparnasse her historical narrative The Hand of Thomas Jefferson and moving elegies for her mother Dead Letters her friend Elegies for Etsuko and her psychiatrist Another Session Here also are such light verse delights as Video Blues My husband has a crush on Myrna Loy and A Morris Dance poems that bring a deeper insight into foreign settings and cultures from Henry Purcell in Japan to Icelandic Almanac to The Seven Weepers set in the Australian outback of and poems that reflect on the art of seeing as in Young Girl Peeling Apples and Trompe l Oeil br br i A Phone Call to the Future i is a powerful reminder and a ringing confirmation of Mary Jo Salter s remarkable gifts

Rating: 3.37 out of 5

Nothing by Design

Nothing by Design Description:

A beautiful collection of verse both light and dark elegiac and affirmative from one of our most admired poets br br The title Nothing by Design is taken from Salter s villanelle Complaint for Absolute Divorce in which we re asked to entertain the thought of a no fault universe The wary search for peace personal and public is a constant theme in poems as varied as Our Friends the Enemy about the Christmas football match between German and British soldiers in The Afterlife in which Egyptian tomb figurines labor to serve the dead and Voice of America where Salter returns to the Saint Petersburg of her exiled friend the late Joseph Brodsky A section of charming light verse serves as counterpoint to another series entitled Bed of Letters in which Salter addresses the end of a long marriage Artfully designed with a highly intentional music these poems movingly give form to the often unfathomable yet very real presence of nothingness and loss in our lives br

Rating: 3.30 out of 5

Open Shutters

Open Shutters Description:

Mary Jo Salter s sparkling new collection b Open Shutters b leads us into a world where things are often not what they seem In the first poem Trompe l Oeil the shadow casting shutters on Genoese houses are made of paint only an open lie And yet Who needs to be correct more often than once a day Who needs real shadow more than play br br b Open Shutters b also calls to mind the lens of a camera in the villanelle School Pictures or in the stirring sequence In the Guesthouse which inspired by photographs of a family across three generations offers at once a social history of America and a love story br br Darkness and light interact throughout the book in poems about September about a dog named Shadow about a blind centenarian who still pretends to read the paper about a woman shaken by the death of her therapist A section of light verse highlights the wit and grace that have long distinguished Salter s most serious work br br Fittingly the volume fools the eye once more by closing with An Open Book in which a Muslim family praying at a funeral seek consolation in the pages formed by their upturned palms br b br Open Shutters b is the achievement of a remarkable poet whose concerns and stylistic range continue to grow encompassing ever larger themes becoming ever more open br br br i From the Hardcover edition i

Rating: 3.43 out of 5

Unfinished Painting

Unfinished Painting Description:

Salter s collection winner of the Lamont Prize in poetry harks back to an earlier era and to an earlier style of poetry Like Elizabeth Bishop Salter offers a voice that is relaxed accessible the poems contain regular stanzas and frequent rhymes Her open chattiness in the midst of careful description for example of netsuke nut carvings make the poems read like letters from a friend These poems about families friendship and the passage of time are bittersweet several focus on a death or irrevocable loss even if only of a chalk picture in the rain yet they are upbeat All the poems are well crafted and a few are both delicate and profound br Cristanne Miller Pomona Coll Claremont Cal

Rating: 3.33 out of 5

A Kiss in Space: Poems

A Kiss in Space: Poems Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.79 out of 5

Sunday Skaters

Sunday Skaters Description:

In her first collection since the Lamont Prize winning Unfinished Painting Mary Jo Salter gives us subtle witty and moving poems that reflect a woman s travels through love family time and place Here are a pair of beautiful lovers on the Boulevard du Montparnasse and a woman in nice mother shorts buying ice cream for six little boys and pondering the question What do women want Here s a warm impassioned evening in Rome and a series of cloudy crystalline afternoons in Iceland In a tone that is by turns playful Young Girl Peeling Apples rueful and wise in a long benediction for a young couple getting married compassionate about a quarrel overheard in a restaurant and tender Lullaby for a Daughter these poems encompass a broad range of melody and tempo The book culminates in a pair of multifaceted bittersweet portrayals of American icons Thomas Jefferson and Robert Frost The poet is captured as he approaches his forties at that inspiriting moment when impoverished and still far from famous he is preparing to enter a world of public acclaim and private tragedies The ex President is seen musing over his long life notably his sojourn in Paris just before the French Revolution when the charms and romance of the Old World contend with his loyalties to the New In Sunday Skaters herself showing a skater s economical and powerful grace Salter moves here and beyond over a glittering terrain

Rating: 3.66 out of 5

Henry Purcell in Japan

Henry Purcell in Japan Description:

Knopf Poetry Series No

Rating: 3.55 out of 5

The Surveyors: Poems

The Surveyors: Poems Description:

b A beautiful new collection from Mary Jo Salter brings us poems of puzzlement and acceptance in the face of life s surprises b br br I m still alive and now I m in Bratislava says the speaker of one of Salter s poems as she travels with her unlikely late in life love a military man She never expected to be here to know someone like him to be parted from her previous life how did it happen Time is hurtling but these poems try to slow it down to examine its curious by products the prints of Durer an Afghan carpet photographs of people we ve lost The title poem a crown of sonnets takes up key moments in the poet s past the quirky advent of poetic inspiration and the seemingly sci fi future of the universe Throughout in a tone of ironic wonderment placing rich new love poems alongside some inevitable poems of leavetaking Salter invites the reader to weigh and ponder the way things have turned out for herself for all of us in this new century and perhaps to conclude as she does That s funny

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Lost Originals

Lost Originals Description:

Poetry Designed by James Dissette with original illustrations by Abigail Rorer In Mary Jo Salter s new chapbook the poet explores the art of losing elegizing lost language people and places LOST ORIGINALS moves from the landscape of a twentieth century nursing home to William Blake s illuminated engravings and printer s proofs to the burial traditions of ancient Egypt and to a museum in snowy present day Chicago This edition is an offset paperback version of the original letterpress hardcover edition

Rating: 3.38 out of 5

A Rainbow Over The Seine

A Rainbow Over The Seine Description:

Free online poetry br br From Random House s Boldtype br br Excerpted from A Kiss in Space by Mary Jo Salter

Rating: 3.29 out of 5